Much to popular opinion, the chai you and I have come to order and enjoy here in the United States is merely a derivative of an authentic "chai." We at Chai 4 Change want to re-introduce the consumer to the classic chai. We also hold our tea (and taste buds) to very high standards, here's why:   

We value authenticity. Our chai comes directly from the source. Nestled 5000 feet up in the pristine blue mountains of Southern India (The Nilgiris), our tea is sure to invigorate discerning tea drinkers. 

We value integrity. Rest assured, your chai comes from a tea estate who thinks beyond their own profits.

Our tea is sourced from an eco-friendly estate which means they take their responsibility to the environment seriously, using natural spring + rain water and no pump systems, . They also take great care to ensure harmful pesticides do not enter the forest soil and water of the estates, using only neem-based natural pesticides. 

We value people. Our supplier strives to foster the development of family ties between employee and employer. What does that mean? 

Most of the work force migrate from their native villages seeking better opportunities. Once they become a part of the work force, they choose to stay on and continue to retirement, making a home for themselves in Nilgiri.   

We are happy to partner with a supplier who offer their employees:

  • Healthcare and Health Insurance (inclusive of medicines) // onsite Hospital 
  • Education for the Employees Children
  • Retirement Housing & Pension
  • Cooking Gas
  • Subsidized Electricity
  • Onsite Physical Fitness Center  

Children's Home: 

We take pride in partnering with a supplier who believes in bettering their community. In 1987, a home was constructed for the orphan children of the neighboring villages around the estate. The home supports both boys and girls ranging from 4 to 15 years old. Some of the extra curricular teaching activities uncommon in that area include growing a garden or fostering a pet. This gives the children a sense of responsibility and ownership. The home not only provides a place to call their own, but the children are also given tools and an education to equip themselves for the future. 


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